Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Bioessence envisioned to be the market leader in the Philippine beauty and wellness industry consistently delivering holistic pampering treatments and quality products.

Our Vision

• Provide total wellness to our clients.

• Create an environment conducive for employees well being.

• Maximize use of company resources for continuous growth.

• Offer employment opportunities to deserving members of the community.

Our Core Values

Sense of Responsibility

Concern for others and the environment; creation of employment opportunities; committed to accomplishing assigned tasks with efficiency and dedication


With a sense of accountability; word of honor and sincerity; consistency of actions, values, measures, principles, expectations and outcome

Passion for excellence

Sensitive to customer needs and focused on their satisfaction; maintains highest level of quality; promotes excellence in everything we do; zeal for continuous improvement; commitment to continual people development


Embracing the company’s ideals and beliefs, strict adherence to company rules, policies and procedures, trustworthy, reliable and dependable


Mindful of others rights, high regard for others, doing what is socially right, fair and just; proper utilization of company resources


Willingness to share time, expertise, skills, resources and experiences to achieve a common goal, creating a work culture that values collaboration and cooperation recognizing and assimilating the belief that “none of us is as good as all of us”

Our Services

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