Real beauty goes beyond skin deep. Real wellness goes beyond relaxation. The human body is perfectly beautiful – and to realize this, one must go back to tranquility – to one’s true nature. A journey to wellness begins with a caring touch that leads to inner peace of mind, eventually radiating beauty that comes from within. Experience all these and more at Bioessence.

Bioessence is a premium skin and body wellness center designed to provide complete non-invasive services that rejuvenates the skin, the body and the mind. With over 23 years of unparalleled success in the industry, it has already grown into 28 branches nationwide and counting.

Bioessence’s founder, a renowned dermatologist and skin care specialist, Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero (Dr. EBG) upholds utmost professionalism in the practice of skin care and wellness and she passes on the same ideals to all her staff and employees who are all well-trained in their respective fields of specialization – making Bioessence a pioneer in professionalizing the beauty and wellness industry.

For Skin Wellness, Bioessence’s skin treatments are scientifically proven and have gone through rigorous research and studies to customize procedures with the unique Filipino skin. The treatments are done by licensed skin therapists so clients are assured of safe and effective results.

For Body Wellness, Bioessence takes pampering to a higher level as it takes relaxation seriously and personally with scientific methods of testing before every massage and body wellness treatment. With Bioessence, body wellness takes on a different new meaning – one that truly nourishes and detoxifies.

For a complete skin and body wellness experience, Bioessence offers a wide range of products from beauty to relaxation – skin cleansers, serums, soaps, aromatherapy, to name a few -making Bioessence’s total wellness treatments more than an experience, but a lifestyle.

Dr. EBG takes pride in her native Davao roots as reflected in the interiors of every Bioessence branch. The intricate interior design speaks of the rich Mindanaoan heritage – its art and its culture, giving clients and guests a taste of class that is uniquely our own.

Caring beyond beauty, Bioessence gives beauty a deeper meaning as it continuously uplift the lives of many Filipinos – giving opportunities for livelihood in the outskirts of the countryside and the marginalized – turning them into respected professionals in the field of skin and body wellness.

Through the years, Bioessence has become a strong brand in the beauty and wellness industry -a force to reckon with in advocating beauty with a purpose.

Bioessence makes you beyond beautiful. We can make this beautiful journey to skin and body wellness together, today.

To Be a World-Class Center that brings out the BEAUTY & WELLNESS in every one

  • We provide our ever-growing customers with quality products, delightful and excellent customer service, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities thereby giving added value to their investments.
  • We are committed to keep our employees happy and highly productive by providing competitive compensation scheme and developing programs focused on their health, safety and continuous development.
  • We conduct our business with reverence to our environment as we spearhead programs advocating care to our Mother Earth.
  • We uphold and support the rights of women and marginalized segment of our community as we manage programs for their livelihood thereby gaining respect and esteem of the society.
  • We are professional and transparent in dealing and transacting with our business partners there by gaining their trust and confidence.
  • We value and intelligently manage our resources and provide our stockholders reasonable return of cost-efficient operation while achieving our goals.

                                          R – ESPECT

                                          E – XCELLENCE

                                          S – SENSE OF INTEGRITY & HONESTY

                                          U – NITY & TEAMWORK

                                          L – OYALTY

                                          T – AKE-ACTION ATTITUDE

                                          S – AY “THANK YOU” TO THE LORD